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Breakfast from Chaz

So many of you out there have made comments on what a beast Chaz has become! Don’t think you can’t head in here because that is what we are all about, it just proves what CAN be done with hard work and dedication. Yes, I will still hang my hat on the fact that Chaz and I have worked out for years together and once upon a time I could beat him in a workout! Those days have come and gone, but he is an inspiration to so many of us! In just a year Chaz has changed his eating habits and workouts and hence has seen epic results.
So… when Chaz was asked what should I eat?? Chaz gave me this to pass along!!

For all of you on the go looking for a healthy breakfast meal. Here ya go.

2 whole eggs
2 tbsp. of an avacado
1 slice of bread wheat bread

For you Fitness Pal lovers
total cal=239

For you Block lovers
This meal is only 2 blks.

Remember always get your proteins, carbs and fats in with each meal!!

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