Spire CrossFit’s schedule is a GUIDE! Since we are open all day – you can throw down all day! We try to group our athletes to build a community, but there are times, YOUR best times are not at a scheduled class time. We have you covered! You still get to WOD! Come on in. Don’t let the clock stand in the way of your goals!

Class Descriptions:
CrossFit – constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Class is 60 minutes, but work outs will vary in length.
Minute Madness – a timed circuit training class, 60 minutes in length
Power Core – core based power conditioning class
Lunch Blast – a complete workout from warm up to stretch in 30 – you still have time for lunch!
Optimal Athlete – optimize sports performance off or pre-season with sports specific conditioning.
Senior Strong – a fun interactive class for seniors focusing on strength, mobility and balance
Parkinson’s Class – class specifically designed for the needs of Parkinson’s patients – class placement to be determined by assesssment – different classes for different capabilities
Functional Strength – full body weight lifting, conditioning and training customized for all ages
Kettlebell Force – 60 minutes focusing on kettlebell movements
TRX – 60 minutes focusing on TRX movements
Competitive Edge – class will focus on building a better athlete by increasing your power base through a strong posterior chain