Chicago Rain

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The weather is playing havoc with everyone’s mojo today!! Client after client we’ve seen today is slightly off their game. Here is a great article from Steve at Steve’s Paleo goods that makes you stop and think on this gloomy day how we can channel that inner beast. If the article doesn’t convince you to get your game on, while you are there order some dried strawberries at least – they are to die for! 🙂

25 Health and Fitness Tips


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Before the Open for 2017 fades into the history book, I have to throw out there how proud I am of the athletes that represented Spire CrossFIt in our inaugural year! We didn’t have much time to train in house, but yet rocked it anyway!! It is an amazing feeling to know the competition is truly worldwide and included almost 400,000 people this year!
Congrats to …
Mike Matura – 21st in his age bracket scaled
Kelly Marten – 11th in his age bracket scaled
Chaz Baggio – 5th in the WORLD scaled
And I have to throw out there that I did WIN the #1 spot in workout 17.4 in my age bracket scaled.
Go Spire!!


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So impressed with our gym’s friend, Brent Sopol, ex-Stanley Cup winning Blackhawk. Read his story that has recently been published and be inspired. Fitness can help in so many ways. Thank you for sharing!! Make sure you click into the link for the full story!!

Open Competition

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Happy 2017 Open Day One!!
As another year of pushing one self past previous limits arrives, I give you an blog from a top CrossFit competitor. I myself find it hard not to obsess about where in the standings I fall and even fight that feeling to not be let down as the weekend continues and I see myself fall lower in the standings. But the true goal of the games is to celebrate a year of hard work! We should be thankful everyday for the ability to do the workouts we do, and enjoy them in our mental and physical healthy state. There are so many who would love to trade shoes. So I say – Enjoy the Open, enjoy the rush, enjoy the sweat, cheer each other on, survive the recovery and do your own thing! In the end, it is the smile of accomplishment that makes it all worth while!